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Chief Engineer - POSITION FILLED

Updated: Oct 13, 2022


Maison Dalabua a successful 4 star hotel of 40 rooms in the city of Luang Prabang in LAO PDR is seeking for a motivated and talented Chief Engineer.


Chief Engineer is responsible for maintaining all equipment, systems and building components of the hotel, including, but not limited to, mechanical and electrical systems, pumps, Air Conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, locks, furniture, paint, wall coverings, tile and other equipment/work normally maintained/performed by hotel Maintenance Engineers.

Responsible for Life/Fire safety systems, energy/green initiative systems and management of other engineering work necessary to maintain the property in an efficient condition to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and guests.

Education and Experience:

• Bachelor Degree in Engineering, construction, project management or similar

• 2+ years' experience in Engineering Department & strong technical skills.

• Very results orientated, understanding of project executions is critical skill in this role.

• Track record in coaching and training others, experience in managing a team.

The ideal candidate must:

- Fluent in English (written and spoken), Fluent in Lao / Thai Language

- Excellent organization Skills

- Ability to work well under pressure, and complete tasks in a timely manner

- Must have proficient computer skills – Word, Excel, and E-mail.

- Have at least 2 years’ experience in the hospitality industry

- Have strong leadership skills

Benefit and Compensation:

An attractive package awaits the right candidate.

To apply please email resume and cover letter to:

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1 commentaire

28 avr. 2020

When is it possible to start, if hired? Are you stilll requesting someone to fill the job?

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